Sunday, September 5, 2010

big pots.

I had about 100# of clay that had gotten a little too stiff for the treadle wheel so I decided to make some larger pots with it on Friday. I've made my share of larger one-piece pots but the last couple years I've been maxing out at about 14-15 inches. Pots larger than that are made in multiple pieces or with added coils. I work with such soft clay that this is much better on the body. To prove the point when I came home after making these pieces my shoulder blade started to hurt. It got so bad that I had to take a prescription painkiller and an anti-inflammatory so I could get some sleep. I should've stretched first, lesson learned. I'm fine now so no worries.

The tallest piece there is 18" so the cylinder before shaping was up to my armpit. The pitchers are about 16-17".

Well anyways, that's enough for now.



cookingwithgas said...

those are some fine looking brushes!
Watch out for that clay it can take you down!

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pots, Brandon. I have a question about the lines. Do you put them in as a part of the throwing or apply them after? Like the large vase on the rightmost side, can you throw those horizontal lines into it? Great pots! Andy

brandon phillips said...

thanks andy. yeah, they're part of the throwing. i use the corner of my rib from the top and bottom to create the ridge.

Julia said...

WOW! Those pots are monsters. I don't think I've ever thrown anything that tall. I've done big platters before but they require much less strength since they are flat. I'm in awe.