Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've spent some time the last couple of days making molds for some slab dishes. I've made several molds over the last couple years but I've never been quite happy with them. The piece on the left is taken from a cheap plastic serving bowl and then I carved the plaster cast to get rid of the sharp edges. For the piece on the left I built up a solid mass of clay and shaped it then took a cast of that.

Side view.

Here is the plaster cast of the solid clay piece, which I promptly broke in half. I then took molds of this to use as drape molds.

Here is one of the drape molds and a few bowls that need to be cleaned up and decorated. It's easier to lay the slips in first, let them stiffen up, and then lay them over the molds but right now I'm just trying these out.

Back to the wheel, 17 steins(I lost one, darn bugger) and 10-3# serving bowls. These bowls were my bread and butter for several years.

Close up of a mug/stein.

I splurged on a cup by Jeff/Tom Unzicker from Schaller Gallery and it is a sweet one.

I have some content that will achieve higher ratings on PBPRRSEC scale but those posts tend to take me a bit of time to put into words so for now there will be a few fluff posts.



Tracey Broome said...

Fluff is fine, I mean,really, I'm doing videos of my hair!!! Back to pottery thoughts for me on Monday haha! I like the slab molds, I made one with my grandmothers wooden bread bowl and right away broke it, need to make another!

Ron said...

I really like the shape of those shorter ovals. Good to see what you're up too. You can baffle us with your b.s. later, "fluff" is good.

ang design said...

you swearing again ron??? HA yep groovy you have a preference for the innie or the outie mold and why ?? and next post really if you could incorporate HAIR, FOOD and some glaze/firing technical wizardry I think you'd take out the post of the week award!!