Monday, November 1, 2010


Kline shared this on facebook, I thought I'd share it here as well. It's sad and makes me angry, but so true.



ang design said...

funny but sad...

Kelly Kessler said...

This is the second of these snarky things I've seen in a week. Yeah, it's good to vent, and yes, these vids are uncannily accurate...but there's no reason for the average shopper to know boo about craft traditions and the ins and outs of handmade work. One of the few contexts for them to encounter it - and learn more - is the craft show.

We can lick our wounds for being misunderstood, or we can realize that there's an uphill climb involved in creating a wider audience for crafts.

I've had a customer talk me down in price and then drive up in a sportscar that cost several years' worth of my earnings to haul my pots off - I understand the frustrations. But I chose this obscure, not particularly financially rewarding path. And part of my job is creating common ground for those uninitiated potential customers adventurous enough to meet me part of the way.