Thursday, April 7, 2011

12 x 12

32 pots in 2 hours! (I'm not a production potter...I'm not a production potter...I'm not a production potter...I'm not a production potter...) 1# bowls and some mugs that will all be ash glazed. I need some pots to go near the front in the next firing, I'm not too fond of the way my slips look near the firebox.

Pots waiting to be bisqued.

New style of cap jar. I really liked Ron's video post awhile back about decorating these style of lidded pieces. I decided rather than doing two seperate decos on the base and lid that I'd just carry over the deco right onto the lid. This also means that the lid has to be in just the right place every time you put it back on the piece. Ha!

4# vases.

This jar has a white slip on the top half that I textured so that some of the bare clay shows through. Those little dots that are a brown/gray color are Michael Simon's black decorating pigment. I like it on this white slip because the edges go fuzzy, it doesn't keep a crisp edge. Good stuff.

Platter with same deco as above.

Dinner plate with slip trailing. I'm a total newbie to slip trailing. The background is an ochre slip that goes a nice rich brown and the trailing is white. Those green dots may have not been the best choice but we'll see how it fires out.

I'm about ready to fire, I need to make a couple teapots and a few other things but hopefully I'll be loading in about a week and a half.



Tracey Broome said...

I think I need to get back to wheel throwing, I made one house this morning in 2 hours! Nice deco

MattyT said...

I know your not an open source potter but would you care to share that MS recipe?

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Your work is incredible! 32 in two hours? And here I thought I was cookin'. Well done. :)