Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3rd place.

There are oodles of lists and sites out there that rank blogs, so many exist that even I've made it onto a few lists. I made it onto this list.

Their synopsis:

•Support Your Local Potter: One could potentially think of Texas as too arid to support authentic artistry. Don't let blogger Brandon Philips get word of your suspicions on the state; he's mined Lonestar country for true ceramics fertility. His blog chronicles his real, gritty, and often glorious experiences as a man of the ceramics craft. He does not refrain from sharing honest and heartfelt anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of a not-always-lucrative career in the art form.
•Why We Love It: A stellar and straightforward blog that makes it clear that the rough blows of everyday life can result in great work.
•Favorite Post: Invincible

My favorite part: "he's mined Lonestar country for true ceramics fertility." I may have to put that on my banner up top. Ha!

But seriously pottery folks, we're getting beat by the slipcasters on the "best blog list." The slipcasters!!! And they make crappy ass over-priced clay.

I've about milked all the fertility out of this piece of the lonestar state.



Ron said...

I made the list too but not up there with you. That Lonestar bit was pretty good! Congrats.

Tracey Broome said...

I find this blog ranking thing a bit irritating, not to take away from those that are listed, they are all great. But there are some other really wonderful blogs I read every day not on there and yet there are several blogs that haven't posted since January (Diane Fyat, Jen Mecca has moved to Facebook) that are ranked as top 50? I wonder who does the research for this stuff. It is almost exactly like the article that ran in the Clay mag a couple of months ago. All on the list are great bloggers but there are so many out there and everyone's opinion is subjective, why do they keep ranking blogs anyway? Some of my favorite ones are where is Catherine White, brilliant blog, where is Hannah McAndrew, Paul Jessop, Ang Walford, I read these blogs almost daily and learn A LOT!
Anyway, congrats to you for being in the top three, well deserved, you do have a great blog!!!!! I don't really read the slipcast blog so can't comment there, although since it is a top winner it makes me wonder why I don't read it....
peace :)

brandon phillips said...

yeah, i don't take these things seriously. i like to poke fun at them a bit. there are certainly many better ceramic blogs out there than mine.

John said...

When I read "One could potentially think of Texas as too arid to support authentic artistry."

I didn't finish reading the rest of the list, because that is one of the dumbest statements I have ever read. Saying that discredits the sites(or whoever wrote this) dignity, taste, and intelligence.

To talk about authentic artistry in an entire state is dumb and pretentious.

Besides, when I think of authentic artistry Texas is one of the first states I think of.

brandon phillips said...

Ha! I was gonna leave that one alone and see if someone else caught it.

I wonder if someone is actually paid money to put these things together? And what is the benefit?

Tracey Broome said...

I think what John said is what bothers me about these rankings, they discredit the intelligence of the blogs they are ranking because they clearly are not doing enough research on the blogs they list and it reflects poorly on those really good blogs like yours. And what is the criteria used to judge these blogs anyway. If you look at the list there is a very wide range of skills and blog info on them.... I don't get it...

ang design said...

likewise irritated some of my favs are not there either and where's the contact for them so they can receive a barrage of we disagree with you list emails!!!
i dont know what their stats were based on...happy to see you up there brandon ... but def some fun poking is needed here

Mea Rhee said...

I made it onto this list too, but they spelled my name wrong! Which shows how much effort they really spent. The reason people compile these lists is to hopefully have us, the bloggers, generate traffic for them. I did link to them from my blog, along with a big fat "thanks for spelling my name wrong." But hey it seems to be working for me too, I've noticed lately a lot of visits to my blog from their site too.