Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jim Malone, one of my favorites.


doug Fitch said...

Brilliant, thanks Brandon

peggy said...

As a newcomer to the art of clay, I thank you for providing this inspiring and, dare I say, spiritual portrait of an artist.

Joseph Travis said...

I have been to see the show and I loved picking up the pots, they are a nice weight but people who don't appreciate good pots would complain over the weight.

The Goldmark are amazing for putting something like this together it helps you understand so much more before you touch your first Jim Malone Pot.

I left without a pot as I am a poor potter, but I do have the catalogue and DVD, they are amazing too.

Ridou Ridou said...

Thank you Brandon for pointing to this beautiful insight of Jim Malone's pot making.

Not having been familiar with his work, seeing the clip, I think I can see his influences on your own work, at the time you got into brushwork to decorate your pots. Your initial efforts didn't quite do it for me, but recently, I think, you seem to be more able to trust the hand (as opposed to your head) in guiding what you're doing with the brush, making your pots more thought provoking.