Friday, September 23, 2011

New pots on etsy.

 I've posted a bunch of new pieces on etsy and here's a quick preview.

This is a taller style cap jar with a cut foot.  Crackle slip, ash glaze, woodfired.

Mug, brushed white slip, glaze dots.

Dinner plate, ochre slip with brushed white slip pattern, one of my personal favorites.

The pieces below here are pots that have been tucked away being representative of the best of the best.  I feel it's time to part with some of them and let someone else enjoy them.

Platter with handles, brushed white slip and glaze dots.

 There are 2 cups like this that I posted.  This is a nuka type glaze that I use very rarely.  These were fired on the bagwall which in my guesstimation hits somewhere in the cone 12 range, the photo below is the side facing the firebox.  Hop over to etsy to see the other side of this cup.  I've tried to do more of these in subsequent firings but none of them have turned out like these did.

Teapot with amber glaze and cane handle.

 Large teapot(48 oz!) with tile6 slip and cane handle.



ang design said...

oh that jar is gorgeous!!! I do love your ash glaze..

Nate said...

Hey Brandon, I notice that you did not drill through the offset plate on your re-done treadle wheel shaft...I have to remake mine as well...How did you keep the bar centered/parallel?

brandon phillips said...

i did drill through it...i just ground it smooth to make it look clean. weld from the shaft side first, grind in a groove where the shaft is flush with the plate...lay in a deep weld, grind it clean. piece of cake.

I used a 1" drill bit on a drill press so the holes were precise. I used 2 blocks of wood cut to the distance between the 2 plates and clamped them in place, checked everything for square and tack welded it all. remove the blocks/clamps check for square again, finish weld it.

Nate said...

Cool that sounds good. Thanks a lot. The pots are looking good. Diggin the plates. We should set up a little yunomi trade sometime.

brandon phillips said...

Sounds good...shoot me an email Nate.

Ron said...

Looking good man! Nice blue on that jar. All the ash pots are fab.