Monday, October 15, 2012

Updates and upcoming...

Here are a few photos of some recent works in progress as I head into Firing XVIII.  This is the first firing in a over a year and a half that won't have a single piece for a wholesale order.  It's nice because it means that I have plenty of room for new ideas and experimentation as well as less pressure on the results.  The downside is that the re-orders are not coming in.  But more on that later. The firing is coming up this weekend and I believe I have enough work to fill the kiln.  I ran out of steam this last week as I discovered that I have a probable case of west nile fever.  Not the debilitating-could-possibly-die-version, but rather the mild-flu-like-symptoms-version.  Nevertheless it wears me out quickly every day.  The doc says it should last anywhere from 1-3 weeks.  I'm hoping closer to 1 week as I have this firing coming up and I know there is not a chance in hell I'll make it through with the energy level I have now.  Enough of that.

I haven't made a teapot in about 8 months and I think I might have one left.

Same teapots, assembled and slipped.

I'm all about the slab dishes these days.  They've been easy to move the last couple that I've put that out there I probably won't sell another one. Every single one of these will get a glaze on top.  I'm not phasing out the brushwork but am pursuing other avenues of slip work in addition to it. 

Here's a tall jug with tip of the hat to Jim Malone. 

I'm HOPING to be moving into the new studio this fall.  If/when I do make that move a good portion of my work is going to be raw glazed and single fired.  I've procured a small electric kiln for some pots that are difficult to raw glaze, and I have two glazes that just won't take to it.  So I've raw glazed about 40 pots for this firing.  The irony being that I bisque fired them, I'm not comfortable transporting the greenware to the kiln.  I just want to make sure the glazes fit this time around, the next time I'll deal with the different firing cycle.  These are some leatherhard cups that have been slipped and glazed.

This summer my dog Kaylee got herself knocked up, kids these days!  She had seven beautiful little pups.  This was a couple weeks ago after I had just moved them outside.  The first two went to their new home today.  While it has been fun watching the cycle of life I've already made the long overdue appointment to have her fixed, not gonna happen again.  Too many dogs in this town already. 
Well lets see, what is upcoming...
-I was invited to participate in the 3 cups show at the Durango Arts Center in Colorado.  I've already sold those so tough luck there.
-I have a show with Kenyon Hansen up at Schaller Gallery right now, head over there and check it out!  Still plenty of good pots.
-The Texas Clay Festival is just a week and a half away, this is my favorite show to do.  Good customers, good potters, good fun.
-I'm participating in Akar's 30x5 show this November, the theme this year is dessert plates.  I was also invited to participate in the annual yunomi invitational which I believe is in March(?).
-I'm on the fence about a home sale this year, if I decide to go ahead with that it will be after Thanksgiving.  I'd like to have the new studio done by then, it would be a good opportunity to show it off.
I'd really like to get myself back on etsy but I just haven't had the time.  Perhaps around the home sale? Eh?  We will see. 
Well, I think that is all for now.

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Ron said...

Good update Brandon. Pots look super as always. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I had heard that on of the problems w. doing wholesale was that the re-order thing could not happen as much as you'd want. I guess you'll pick up some new places at Baltimore this coming year. (fingers crossed for ya). Let's have a Skype date soon. Take care. Those pups are adorable.