Monday, October 22, 2012


I just fired off XVIII yesterday.  This is actually my 30th wood firing here.  This is my second wood kiln, a much larger version of my first.  I'm going to have an etsy sale the first week in November to commemorate the 30th firing, 30 cups, $5 shipping.  So stay tuned for that. 
Here is the loaded kiln, I spent a bit of time fixing up these walls, there were a lot of gaps.

And you can see those gaps open right back up. The kiln has moved a bit over the last 18 firings and things don't fit as well as they used to.  So it's time to do some maintenance. The arch has spread about 1.5" so I need to try and get the arch back in place and then I am going to rebuild the front wall and door as well and put some steel on it.  I am also going to rebuild the stack, the corbel under the dampers needs some attention and the whole stack needs steel.  So that will be a fun task over the next couple of months.  I don't plan on firing again until the end of December so I have plenty of time.



Dan Finnegan said...

That's a scary halloween pumpkin you've got there!

Ron said...

Hope you snapped a photo after taking down the door.