Saturday, November 17, 2012

Studio, etc.

I realized that my anti-facebook blog readers are probably a little out of the loop.  I've been working steady on my studio the last month and I've begun moving in.  I still have some trim work to do, the plumbing isn't run yet, the exterior is primed but unpainted, etc. but those are things that I can do without my stuff being in the way.  So here are a few pictures of the progress:
I chose beadboard for the ceiling, I just like the look. OSB for the walls, this is one of those things I kinda wish I hadn't done but it was $450 cheaper than regular plywood. Here I've masked the windows and floor so I can paint. 

This is the covered area off the front of the studio, the far end will get closed in, about 14x6' and I'll use that area for storing raw materials, some show stuff, and odds and ends.  This is how it'll be for awhile, the tin for the roof and the enclosure will come later as the money materializes. 

Here it is after painting.  The wall is a different color than the white ceiling but it is practically indistinguishable in the sunlight.  I got a heckuva deal on a airless spray rig, so hands on time for masking, 3 coats of paint, and cleanup was about 5 hours.  No way I was rolling a beadboard ceiling and 12' walls!

I'm in the process of getting moved in and getting all the fixtures built.  I've built a new larger wedging table, storage shelves for glaze materials and buckets, and enough ware rack storage for 2+ firings (thinking ahead about a larger kiln...more on that later.)  My treadle is there in the corner, my kickwheel and electric will go up against that wall as well.

The Texas Clay Festival was last month and was a stellar show!  I debuted a new line of work, I've been toying with this re-interpretation of slipware but with high-fire wood and ash glazes.  I'm pretty happy with where it's going and the customers seemed to like it as well, I only had a couple of these pieces left at the end of the show. 
While not performing its intended function I'm sure Scott would be happy to know this pot is getting plenty of use every day, and performing admirably! 

I'm in the process of photographing pots for an etsy sale this month...stay tuned!


Hollis Engley said...

Looks great, Brandon. I should link up to you on FB with my page. I don't see you like I used to. A friend and I are looking at building a wood kiln and were specifically looking at the Peg Udall kiln, then found your own blog about your kiln. We should chat about that some time. I know you built it several years ago and are probably on another one, but would like to hear some recommendations. I'll get in touch.

Tracey Broome said...

Well, speaking as probably the one and only non facebook user on the planet, I appreciate the post! Very jealous of your studio space. Although I love my little building, it would be nice to have a grown up space one day. Liking your new work, looking forward to the etsy sale, I might need a Christmas present to myself :)

Scott K Roberts said...

Well I guess it won't leak. The large jug we have of yours is full of tea in the fridge. It to works well!