Thursday, May 29, 2008

its a hot one.

i spent this afternoon cleaning out the kiln shed, taking pots to the kiln, and some taking care of some general outdoor cleaning. it hit 98 degrees so i decided to spend the rest of the day inside. its supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. eeek. i'm firing on sunday and the projected temp is 101, that'll be fun. i'm thinking of removing some of the metal on the sides of my barn so i can get some more ventilation. good day y'all.


Keith said...

I keep checking the weather in Austin and that's the only thing that scares me about the move. I'm a Northeasterner through and through and the heat is going to take some getting used to. Good luck getting some air moving through the barn.

doug Fitch said...

rain rain rain here, swap you

klineola said...

Wow, we put a tin roof up today and I thought it was hot (and glaring) up here in the mountains(mid 80's). It'll cool off quite a bit tonight. Stay cool, dude.