Friday, May 16, 2008


yesterday i accepted a job at hardin-simmons university as the adjunct instructor of ceramics. it came out of nowhere, and a week later after a couple interviews the job is mine. its so bizarre, but i am so excited. i'm starting in the fall semester teaching 3 seperate classes. i feel really old, not in the sense of being elderly, but adult-like. its hard to explain, getting married and landing a teaching job, i guess i'm all growed up.

i'm finishing up an "order" of 150 yunomi for our wedding on june 7th. i have about half of them made, its been slow going, i can only make about 10-12 in a sitting before my finger starts to hurt too much(its broken, the nailgun incident.) we're giving a cup to everyone that comes to our reception, so i guess i'd better get off the internet and get back to work.


Ron said...

Hey Brandon, Congrats on the teaching position. I can't wait to get the pots I bought in MN so I can send them your way. Good luck w. the cups. It's fun making that many of one item. Hope the finger is healing.

brandon phillips said...

thanks ron, did you by chance get my email? i've been having problems with outgoing emails not getting to their destinations.

klineola said...

congrats Brandon, I hope you will still be able to make a lot of pots there.

Unknown said...

What an awesome party favor! Congratulations.