Saturday, May 31, 2008

i'm loaded.

the kilns all loaded. i'm a little worried about how this is going to fire. usually you'd want to have a variety of shapes and sizes to assist the flow of the flame through the kiln, here i have 148 pots of the same size. so we'll see how that works. i was only able to fit a few other pieces in. the packing list went like this:
2: cereal bowls
1: large platter
1: mug
1: large slab dish
1: medium vase
1: small pitcher
148: yunomi

this is how i "candle" my wood kiln. i put a space heater in the firebox overnight and it keeps it anywhere from 100-115 degrees. my pyrometer says its 98 in there right now so the space heater might be a moot point. it gets everything nice and dry though.

i'll start the firing first thing in the morning.

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Keith said...

Hope the firing is going well. I'm almost done loading my reduction kiln. Not exactly the same amount of work going on once the door is shut though.

I hope the heat isn't too bad during the firing.....according to it looks pretty darn hot...even without your kiln pushing cone 10....good luck!