Monday, June 2, 2008


it is 6:22am and i just threw in the last stoke. i'll let it burn down for a few and then go seal it up real tight. just being outside yesterday afternoon i knew firing was a no-go, it was 102. i waited until about 6 in the evening and decided to pull an "all-nighter," much better.

here is a picture of the last stoke while i was walking back to the house. timed just perfect with the sunrise, sorry for the crappy quality, i took the shot with my phone.


Ron said...

Hey Brandon, I hope it went well. It will be amazing to see all the yunomi come out of the kiln. Hope you've gotten some rest and relief from the heat.

doug Fitch said...

Hope it's a good'un, fingers crossed

Keith said...

looking forward to seeing those pots