Tuesday, June 3, 2008

moment of truth.

well, here they are. i didn't actually count them, but i lost 12 in the firing so i'm guessing 144? i figured i'd lose about 10%, so i'm good. the kiln reduced a bit too much, i'm thinking because it was a tight pack. the ash glazed cups looked a little funky, they have that drippy/splotchy look that some people are fond of, but not me. i think the glaze was on the thin side and then when the salt hits them it gets worse. they actually look fine, i'm just being picky.

check out the variation in surface, these were in one of the "sweet spots."

some of my favorites.

more favorites.

all of the non-yunomi pieces in this kiln were with my new clay body. they were all in spots that got a little too much reduction so this isn't the most fair assessment, but they're not bad.
cereal bowl.

when my green ash glaze gets lots of ash in the firing it does this, i love it.


here is one of those platters with the trailed glaze. that slip should've been a red/orange but the kiln had other ideas. the trailing glaze has talc as one of the ingredients and i was out so i substituted baby powder, it seemed to work alright.

i wanted to make a large test piece that would have a mixture of slab/thrown assembled together to see how it would stand up in the kiln. i've always love randy johnston's boat forms so i decided to try making one, not to sell of course-this one will stay with me.
well, overall i'm very pleased. i lost less pieces in this kiln than any other so thats good! our wedding is this saturday so there won't be much posting for awhile.


Ron said...

Brandon. Looks grand. Have a great rest of the week and enjoy Saturday. Best of luck to you both.

Anonymous said...

That looks great. That cereal bowl is awesome!

Anonymous said...

^ Don't know what happened there, but I am capable of spelling my name correctly.

Tracey Broome said...

Brandon: I love the ash glaze on the yunomi.How lucky your guests are.
I have explored many different glazes with the exception of ash and would love to try it but don't know that much about it. These yunomi have inspired me to give it a try. Best of luck with your wedding, I just had my 23rd on June 1, and we still act like we are 12 years old!

klineola said...

I think the pots you've shown here are beautiful. Where do I get mine???But seriously, clay looks warm color is nice on those greenish cups, brushwork is nice, too.
I'd love to trade sometime.;)

Keith said...

good looking firing! i agree with everyone about the green ash glaze. those cups look great....you have some pretty lucky guests.

best wishes for this weekend.

Kent Harris said...

Looks good, Is that the hawthorn body, or greenstripe? I dig the cereal bowl! Have a good weekend and don't lock your knees. kent

brandon phillips said...

its the hawthorne body, i like the look of it, i didn't have any of the other body finished and dry for this firing.

doug Fitch said...

Beautiful pots, it looks like they're as sweet as they must have smelled. Have a wonderful weekend, congratulations, very best wishes, Doug

Heather said...

I happened upon your blog through another potter's blog, and lo and behold you're in Abilene. Its a small world. I took a class at ACU several years ago, and I think you were a 3rd or 4th year student at the time. Took classes for awhile from Angel at the Potters of Hickory Street, and now I'm doing it on my own (I have a studio downtown).

Congratulations on your wedding this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Okay, WHERE do I sign up for one of those freakin' awesome platters? Do I have to bribe Sabie?? ^_~

I hope you guys had an amazing wedding! I am sad that I couldn't make it. Jed's pictures prove it look wonderful!

Lena said...

Congrats on the wedding! Oh, and let me know when you have a few more cereal bowls! I have a few I got from Scott in college, but not nearly enough!