Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hail to the thief

i was going to take some photos of this last run of pots but the lady of the house stole the batteries from my camera. i'm a little too tired to go looking for batteries so maybe i'll get some shots up tomorrow. needless to say the pots are getting made, now we just need to find their owners. i have read more than one post in the last few days that shared the experience of losing money at shows. it's a bit discouraging to say the least when people are excited to break even. i know i'm not the only one working on the side to support my habit, so it seems. hopefully the storm won't last too long! i have been very selective with my shows this year and have chosen to omit some shows altogether rather than gamble. it has paid off for us but the downside is as i said before having to work on the side. one does what one has to to keep the soul nurtured. forgive my rambling, this is where ones mind goes at 1am after a long day.

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Keith said...

i've always had a hard time with the "break even" mentality also....it usually only takes into account only the show expenses....which means that you need to forget about the 3 months of work you did leading up to the show in the first place. although, that doesn't mean that i'm not glad to break even at a show...much better than losing money at what we do.

one of my glassblower friends told me an old joke at a slow show a while back...

"did you hear about the craft artist who won the lottery? he lost all his winnings doing craft shows."

that reminds me.....i need to figure out which shows to apply to next.

get those batteries so we can see some pots.