Tuesday, June 10, 2008

back to work.

this weekend was awesome. everything went smoothly and it was so great to have all of our friends from all over in one place at the same time. we both took monday off so we had time to relax before heading back to work today(we're taking our honeymoon in july.) we don't actually have any photos from the shindig yet so maybe i'll share those when we get them.

the yunomi were a huge success, i saw a few people trying to sneak extras but i guess i'll take that as a compliment. we printed wallet size copies of this photo that we put inside all the yunomi for the guests. i saved a few yunomi to send out to some folks that couldn't make it, but other than those i'm "sold out."

i got back to work in the studio today but i just couldn't get in the groove of things. most of my pots ended up like this.

a small run of tall footed cereal bowls.

a couple 6# jugs. i don't like the one on the right. you know i actually don't like the one on the left either. eh, one of those days.

i debated leaving my ring on while working in the studio. i'm ok with it getting scuffed a little over time. i tend to lose things in my studio and i don't want that to happen here so i think i'll leave it on. what do you other guys do? just curious.

i am going to finish this small run of pots and then i may go ahead and work on replacing the roof to my studio. i don't have any imposing deadlines, so i guess i should just go ahead and get it done. no time like the present.
p.s. does the fact that i write in all lower case bother anyone? i think its kind of lazy, so i may try to stop.


doug Fitch said...

Congratulations! Glad all went well. I don't wear a ring as we never got married, but my mate Mark who makes pots in my workshop does wear one. I put up a hook specifically for him to put his wedding ring on and that seems to work pretty well. Lower case is fine. Wishing you every happiness.

Ron said...

Congrats! Nice photo, what is the bride's name?
I don't wear a ring when I throw, i tried but it just didn't work for me. I have a special place I keep it in the shop when I take it off. Doug, you and Hil aren't married? What's it called? 'common-law marriage'...I have some friends who have one of those.
Anyhow Brandon, I don't think I've even noticed the all lower case.
Should be getting the Minnesota pots next week!

brandon phillips said...

her name is saybra, she's named after a dog in an old sci-fi book, weird huh?

is common law marriage recognized in england?

i can't wait for the mn/ron pots!

Kent Harris said...

Congratulations brandon! Dude I lost my ring in the slip bucket about a month after we were married, it took a week to find it so......I started taking it off and I put it in a small covered box that Scott Roberts made. It's a cool pot so I never forget that it is there.

Ben Stark said...

Hey Brandon, congrats! I've been enjoying your blog for a while now, and figured I should start commenting. I take my ring off as well, and I usually get yelled at for not putting it back on. Love the blog, and your pots! Never noticed the lower case.

amy said...

Am I allowed to comment on the ring even though I'm a girl? I don't ever wear mine in the studio and my husband hardly wears his because he works in construction- so, it's funny but we always say "we're married today" when we actually wear them.

Keith said...

Congratulatios! I've never been a fan of wearing my ring when I'm in the studio. I've never liked the feel of clay between my finger and the ring. lowercase sounds good to me...i usually write my emails in lowercase and it's been really hard to re-train myself to write my blog "correctly".

Get those pots finished and enjoy your time off in July.

Hannah said...

A girl at my uni lost her brand new diamond engagement ring in the reclaim clay pile, we believe it got remixed and pugged, was never found.
Not married Mr Fitch! A disgrace, living in sin. Er oops, pot, kettle black.

Hannah said...

Oh congratulations to you two Brandon. Wish you a life time of happiness.

Anna said...

Hi Brandon, I found your blog through Emily Murphy's http://potteryblog.com/ I'm quite new to pottery and loving the online community it has! Just wanted to comment on the ring. I don't like to throw with mine on, they get in the way, but don't want to misplace them either. I have some leather and wear the rings as a necklace when I'm working.
Love your blog, and congratulations on the wedding