Monday, November 10, 2008

no pots yet.

my clay is not ready yet, so....another showroom post. i've painted the siding a light green. the trim and eaves will get a cream white and the door will be red. i might get that finished tomorrow. the deck won't be finished in time for the home sale, so i've cut in a set of temporary stairs-with no steps yet, maybe i'll do that tomorrow too....or wednesday. hopefully i'll get it shingled and sheetrocked this weekend, its good to be on the home stretch-i wanna make some pots.


jbf said...

Glad you're in the home stretch. It looks great. I also can't wait for you to make some more pots as long as you post plenty of pics.

doug Fitch said...

It's going to look reeeeeeeeeeeealy pretty