Sunday, December 21, 2008


here is what i've been working on lately.

here is a little board i've been putting together with some of the basic shapes i make. i tend to repeat shapes or ideas rather so i put this chart together not so much to dictate the shapes but to remember how much clay i use to make various size pots.

drying racks. i have a bunch of bisque pots as well but who wants to look at a photo of bisqueware?

new pitcher shape, i made a few of these in different sizes, this is the only one with fingerwipes.

new(or recycled) mug shape and handle detail.

fat yunomi and mugs.

when classes are out the studio doubles as storage/drying space. i mixed up my clay inside because i don't want it to freeze but it'll take twice as long to dry.

new(again recycled) casserole shape. these seem to take longer to assemble than the footed ones that i make but are more traditionally shaped so they may be more accepted.

handle detail, i love edges.

lately i've been working with my wheel spinning really slow so that i can get some better lines on my pieces. i've been trying to move away from so much brushwork but also coming up with different patterns. i want the pieces to have a lot of gesture on the surface which is happening but my pots also seem to be getting a bit wonky which i like but sometimes i wonder if its too much. in this photo i'm showing my wife a wonky pot and asking if its too much, she says no its good. a plus from the slooooow wheel is that my pots end up a little more stout in a good way, sometimes a fast wheel can get away from you and your pots get too thin.
i've got a lot of new ideas here and they're all open to criticism
thanks for reading and happy holidays!


Unknown said...

I like the new pots! Wonky is good...more personality. I hope your pup is on the mend. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and hope you keep sharing.

Ron said...

Slow is good. I like the gesture you're getting, I find in order to get that kind of line I have throw slowly with fairly soft clay and just as you mentioned not thin the walls out too much. I like those casseroles a lot. These are all really great pots Brandon.

Judy Shreve said...

Brandon - lots of great tips in this post! I have my shapes/weights in my journal - would be much easier to post them where I can see them - lol.

And after Warren MacKenzie's workshop I really wanted a treadle wheel-no room nor can I afford one. I've been trying to slow down my electric too. Looks like you've achieved it -- love the mug & the throwing marks - love all the pots.

Jude said...

Like the pots. What's going on on Lost??We must be way way behind.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Pots are looking really good! That little pitcher is sweet! Like the fingerwipes.

judsculpt said...

Came across your blog from Ang's blog from Australia and I wanted to say how much I love the shape and lines that you have achieved with a slow wheel. it is quite lusious.Judy