Sunday, January 25, 2009

more kiln.

I've finished the kiln chamber, all that's left is to trim wall bricks to the arch and cover it with a couple layers of fiber. Then on to the chimney.

Here is a detail of how the wall ineracts with the arch. The walls are two bricks deep(9") and are half under/half outside the arch. This helps structurally to stabalize the arch as well creating a strong semi-airtight joint where the arch meets the wall(similar to a lap joint in woodworking).

The laborious task with catenary arches is the amount of brick cutting that is needed. But there is indeed nothing prettier than a catenary arch kiln, for me anyways.


Paul Jessop said...

WOW ! thats looking Good.

Ron said...

Almost ready to put some fire in there. And pots too!!

Christine--RHP said...

beautiful job!! I'm impressed!

Spiffy said...

always impressed by the building of your kilns.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't seem to find it on your blogs but I thought I read where you said you can't find wood in these hard economic, no construction times. I would suggest you try mill shops around Abilene. Texas Tech gets humongo loads from a local shudder manufactor. It comes in small pieces usually around 2"x2" and is kept together with banding straps. All they have to do is chainsaw it while it's still in the bundle to the firebox length. Did I mention they get it for free. That may be the way you can get, but if not, don't be afraid to pull out the "teacher card". By the way, the kiln is looking great. My soda kiln is moving way to slow. Keep an eye out for burners. I'm hoping to find used so I don't have to buy new.

brandon phillips said...

are wanting forced draft buners? i can help you build the same burners that marc ward sells for a fraction of the cost. email me if you're interested.