Tuesday, March 3, 2009

answers to the dishwasher name game.

Here are the potters that were represented in our dishwasher:
Margaret Brampton (UK)
Ron Philbeck (NC)
Brandon Phillips (TX)
Scott Roberts (CO)
Guillermo Cuellar (MN)
Linda Christianson (MN)
Kent Harris (TX)
Jan McKeachie-Johnston (WI)
Warren Mackenzie (MN)
Bonus: Glass (TARGET)

Thanks for playing, I think I'll have another one soon, I really wanted someone to win!


Judy Shreve said...

Lordy I was way off. Nice collection.

Craig Edwards said...

Hey Brandon.. you have me curious as to what the rest of some of those pots look like... hint..

Joe and Christy said...

I'm all for another edition of name that pot. Good times.