Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All in all this was a very good firing. I was right about the ash glaze being pretty bland but I'm going to take the pieces that didn't turn out and fire them up in the gas kiln. Several of them from the middle turned out quite nice.

Here it is with most of the first stack unloaded.

Nice flashing.

I don't understand why blogger flips these sometimes. The flashing turned out nice on this guy.

Large vase with some nice spotting on the bottom half.

Casserole. Some of you long time readers may noticed that I've gone back to knobs. I stopped doing knobs when I was raw glazing because there was weird expansion issues and I always had stress cracks where the knob met the lid, so I started doing strap handles. Now I'm bisquing so it's back to the knobs.

New jar shape, I like it.

Dessert Plates. These came out pretty darn fantastic. There are 8 in all and 8 dinner plates to match that have a little more ash.

Hakeme'd tile 6 slip. I like this a lot but it seems a little too structured to me.

A little ruggles & rankin inspired decoration on the rim.

Ok, so this glaze... I did a bunch of testing for a static ash glaze that could take some iron brushwork and this was it. What I didn't anticipate was how the glaze would react over a white slip in a wood/salt kiln. Whoops. What a happy accident though, I love the way these came out with the iron bleeding everywhere. If you look closely you can see the brushed slip underneath the glaze, mmmmmm. I have about a dozen of these with varying iron patterns.

Here is a "well fired" ash glaze piece. I'm guessing that it's the wood ash that makes it turn that sort of yellowish color. I dunno, I haven't decided if I like this or not. You can see what it's supposed to look like here.

This was glazed with the old batch, it was leftover from the previous work cycle.

This is how everything towards the back turned out. I think refiring it in the gas kiln is the way to go.

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to pack all this stuff up for the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston this weekend. Leaving about 6am tomorrow, so you won't hear from me for awhile. First show of the year, eek!


Heather said...

I think the cups are my favorite!!

Spiffy said...

i vote for the mugs too! they turned out awesome (all your stuff is awesome, but i love the new mugs best!)...

Tracey Broome said...

Brandon: I think there are some new looks here for you and all quite nice! I like that new jar a lot and the plate deco is wonderful!!! Good job. I also like that yellow ash look.

Ron said...

Brandon these are ace. I love that dryness on the sideways teapot.
How did that teapot that's sitting there inside the door look? I think I liked it when you made it.

Kyle Carpenter said...

all very impressive. i like that sideways teapot too. your kiln looks great. so much larger that mine. i'm jealous.

cindy shake said...

I LOVE the flashing (and shape) on the teapot. Also the Casserole dish has a wonderful, deep richness. Great color and form!

Nate Willever said...

I got that orange when i put an ash glaze over my white slip...i think mine was the slip flashing under the glaze....pretty crazy.

The pots look great!

Judy Shreve said...

Sweet firing! I love the new jar & the casserole. I don't think the Hakeme'd plate is too structured.

I'll be interested in seeing those pots refired in the gas kiln. What will happen -- will you have some color change? - more movement?

And your knobs -- do you trim them out or add them on? I really like them with the shape of your lids.

Nice work -- good luck with your sale/show.

Anonymous said...

nice looking pots... looks like a great success, i really like the bowl that you said was a little too structured... the brushwork is great

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like a great firing, Brandon. And I do like the way the brushwork runs under the ash. I get that with the Phil Rogers recipe I use. I never expect the iron to do anything but run.

Dan Finnegan said...

Brandon, I hope to get as fine a result as you have here. The whole chamber looks lovely and toasty. The set o' plates and the sideways teapot are gems.