Friday, March 27, 2009

we're earning this one.

We arrived yesterday to a torrential downpour. The weather forecast looked good so we decided to load up the truck with no tarp but ten minutes out from the show we got dumped on. We had to load-in in the pouring rain because all of my display is wood, so we had to get it in the tent and dried off asap. Aside from stressing about the display the weather was nice and I haven't been out in rain like that since I lived in Minnesota, it actually felt very invigorating. Today was fair for a friday, we had some sporadic showers and humidity that was so thick you could see it. The weather folks promise that the next two days will be sunny and clear, hooray.

We were in a bad spot to leave today so we decided to walk around until most of the other artists had left. As we were walking back to the artist parking I heard Saybra(my wife) scream "Oh my god!" I heard a giant crash and saw a flipped truck and immediately took off and jumped on top to get the door open. Thankfully the guy was ok, I broke his door handle getting him out and I feel a little bad about that but I suppose he's got bigger issues to worry about.

That's me in the green shirt.



Kyle Carpenter said...

you deserve a large beer.

Ron said...

Wow what a day!

Dan Finnegan said...

Not your everyday local potter activity!
It puts waiting for a kiln to cool into perspective.
How did it tip over?

brandon phillips said...

the guy was way too close to the edge of the ditch while backing up and the edge of the road crumbled and gave way.

Judy Shreve said...

YIKES! Hope you get some pots sold too!