Friday, April 3, 2009


I woke up this morning all gung-ho to get potting. That momentum was very short lived but I did manage to get a few pieces made.

This is the bigger jar from my previous post that wasn't finished. It's under plastic because I haven't decided on slip or glaze. The unevenly spaced ridges(self-criticism) would suggest a glaze but this piece would have to go in the top of the kiln which we all learned last time doesn't fire off my ash glaze so well. Conundrum.

This is my production for the day.

I liked this guy.

This is the piece I chose for my show poster. It's one of my favorites from recent firings.

And the other side.



Judy Shreve said...

Love the jar for your poster -- it was a favorite of mine when you posted it before -- that is one luscious yellow.

Why don't you use that on the large jar? I don't think anyone will notice the spacing of the rings . . glazed in that yellow. (I didn't notice the spacing -- even unglazed - you are looking too closely.)

Anonymous said...

nice pot/pots... and a productive day, looking forward to finish photos and get back to throwing

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely stuff, Brandon. I would be happy with that teabowl, too.

Taylor said...


I'm a fan of your blog. Oh, yeah, and your pots are NICE. Now to the interesting stuff: I live in Rockport and I'll be danged if you ain't coming down. Did you come Last year? I was volunteering at the kids tent when the rains came sweeping in.

Safe drive, mate.


brandon phillips said...

hey taylor-last time i was in rockport was 2005. this is the first year since then i haven't had something come up. look forward to meeting you there. hope the weather leaves everything on the ground this year!

ne said...

Wow, did I count 38 pieces? Pardon my French, but you sir are a badass!