Thursday, November 5, 2009

back to work.

I'm still here working like a dog. I've been glazing pots this evening and hopefully will finish glazing and decorating tomorrow and if the gods are kind I will begin loading the kiln tomorrow night.

The Elmer Taylor workshop went the afternoon we had about 40 people, standing room only. A nice problem to have sometimes. In true workshop fashion he didn't make too many pots but told lots of stories...along with many of his teaching/educational stories. Very entertaining.

Some of his pots. He decorates with slip immediately after it's thrown and while it's still attached to the wheel. He's very fast and very spontaneous. I've never much cared for Elmer's pots...not that they're bad, they just don't speak to me. But as I've gotten to know him better this last year they've started to grow on me. I certainly enjoy his personality, he speaks his mind, has solid opinions and can be a bit crass at times. I enjoy that.

A personal favorite.

Organizing a workshop sure is a lot more work that I thought...I'm pretty tired, think I'll hit the sack.

Well...I'll leave it at that. More to come as I load the kiln.



Jerry said...

I'm liking those pots of his. How does he fire them? They look like they're begging to be wood fired to me.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy a bit of crassness too in some situations. i'm intrigued that as you grew to like him, you're growing to like his work. it's a pet theory of mine that it becomes very difficult to not like the work of someone that you really like as a person.

Apartment 51 Pottery said...

Whoa! some of those lines are absolutely delightful on the form, and others are not in line with my tastes. Thanks for sharing this. I just started my blog up again, , which you recall from your MN days here that I'm in Saint Paul.

brandon phillips said...

yeah...he woodfires them. he still uses quite a bit of color though.

jim-i've found this to be true as well.