Friday, November 13, 2009

firing IV knocked out of the park.

I figure since Kline has abandoned the roman numerals I'll pick them up for awhile...though I probably won't be putting them on my pots anytime soon.

Cone 10 down...I extended this firing out to 7 hours, up from 6 the previous firing. I'm planning on doing a "glaze" firing in the next load so I spent some time playing with the passive damper trying to slow down the firing at the end. I've never really used it other than to help even out the kiln if it needed it.

Here is the wood that is left over...this is a pretty efficient kiln. And I didn't even have to use much of the f-up lumber(as I like to call it.)

Well, now it's 45 hours of waiting to see if I've been blessed or cursed. My next post will be #250 so I think I'll save that for the unloading.

Now I'm going to go dig a chunk of wood(not a splinter) out of my finger...that's the price of woodfiring. I don't mind, the pots are worth it. Maybe I should wear gloves....oh yeah.



rwhendrix said...

Looks VERY bright in there! So thats what cone 10 looks like? Well I have a little ways to go then to get that hot. Nice blog, I enjoy your posts.

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, that white-hot glow looks a lot like cone 10. Or even cone 11. Looking forward to the results, Brandon. Good luck.