Monday, November 9, 2009


I finished loading the kiln last night at about 9pm.

Here are the pots that made it in. There were also 2 large platters, 2 medium platter/bowls and a dozen taller pieces...all of these pots but 2 made it in the kiln, I think it was 185 pieces in all.

I ran out of room in the barn so I had to keep some outside.

The kiln cleaned out and ready to start loading. I stack the back 2 sets of 12x24's and the 10x20's by the flu first. When those are done I do one more 12x24 stack in the front.

I glue the wads onto all the pieces as I load them. I used to wad them and then carry them out to the kiln but it's about 100 yards and they don't always balance well on boards with the wads already on. The glue keeps them in place in case I want to pick a piece up and move it, otherwise the wads fall off.

How I stack plates. I like to stack the plates high so the weight warps them and gives the rim a little wobble.

3/4 done...all that's left is the front stack of shelves.

Finished...9 hours later.

Hopefully firing on Wednesday...though maybe not until Friday. I have a lot going on at school this week and may not be able to get away.


Tracey Broome said...

Lord, the volume you produce just puts me to shame! Very inspiring though, I need to get busy, but then I'll need a bigger kiln. If you give a mouse a cookie............
Best of luck!

Kyle Carpenter said...

dude. awesome. nice clean kiln too. good luck firing.

Mike Barber said...

You're making me and my itty bitty kiln jealous. When I make a bunch of stuff I spend forever loading and unloading. On the other hand it taught me a lot without screwing up huge loads all at once. See how I worked that around to making it OK that I have a tiny little test kiln?
Seriously, good luck with the firing.

klineola said...

Wow, LOOKS Great! But didn't you forget to decorate all of those fine pots? I mean they sure could use some vine-age? Don't you think?


I envy!

Best of Luck!
Give'em Hell(fire)

Ron said...

That's a beautiful stack man! Good luck with the firing. Ignore MK. undecorated pots rock! (says someone who never used to decorate and now spends hours doing so. Ha!)

Anonymous said...

i want to come by when it's done... i've got dibs on plates!

Collin said...

that is one nice looking load of pots. Nice work Brandon.

cookingwithgas said...

Looks great, but where did you hide the goats?