Thursday, September 11, 2008


it seems that i have lost my glaze recipe for randy johnston's copper green. i've searched exhaustively for it and can't find my copy or the original source. i thought i'd gotten it out of clay times but i couldn't find it there. if anyone out there has it and wants to share i'd be so grateful. i know the original has a small amount of barium and something like 10% wood ash.


Ron said...

Hey I've this from a Penland note book of glazes. It has no Barium or wood ash so I don't know if this is it. It just says Randy's Green

Flint 16
Ball Clay 10
Whiting 9
Ultrox 7
Dolomite 6
Custer 21
F-4 18

Tin ox. 4
copper Carb 6
Bentonite 2

Anonymous said...

The earliest mention I have in CM of this glaze is from Bruce Winn, from the March 1995 issue (first recipe below). The most recent version (since there obviously several glazes called Randy's Green), is from Maishe Dickman, from the March 2004 issue (second recipe below):

Randy's Green Glaze (cone 9)
Dolomite 7.61
Whiting 10.87
Custer Feldspar 26.09
Kona F-4 Feldspar 21.74
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4) 13.04
Flint 20.65
Copper Carbonate 6.52%
Tin Oxide 4.35%
Zircopax 8.7%

Randy's Green (cone 10)

Barium Carbonate 13.64
Dolomite 6.64
Whiting 9.55%
Custer Feldspar 22.73
Kona F-4 Feldpsar 19.09
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4)10.9
Silica (Flint) 17.45
Tin Oxide 4.32
Zircopax 8.18
Copper Carbonate 6.5

I'll let you know if I find one with wood ash.