Monday, September 29, 2008

email and apology

my email had been down for at least a couple weeks now, so if anyone has tried to email me i apologize for not responding. my web host has unsuccessfully tried twice to fix the problem to no avail. so if anyone has the need to email me it can be done at i'll change it on my profile as well.

i apologize for the lack of blogging as well. my camera batteries are dead and i only get paid here monthly, so photos will have to wait just a bit longer. the wife and i have decided to cancel our internet service at home since we both get free internet at work. we get to spend little time together at home so we decided to minimize distractions that would keep us from spending time together. i'll be having a firing this weekend-ish and another a week later. i'm firing off a bunch of test pieces for the porcelain tomorrow in a sketchy sorry excuse for a test kiln, so we'll see how that goes. as soon as a i obtain some batteries i'll share all.

porcelain is neat!!!


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