Sunday, October 5, 2008

kiln loading

i loaded the wood kiln today and was hoping to fire tomorrow but the weather has other plans. we're having a nice shower now so i'll postpone until wednesday.

i'm ready to get these pots out of here, i've grown tired of this "stage" that i've been stuck in. i've been stuck in this phase where i am emulating work from other people that i really admire. this is the pottery way of learning and growing i suppose but some of my work has been stuck here for a couple years. some of my pieces have become my own but others seem to just be taking their time. its frustrating and frankly can be embarrassing at times. i'm looking forward to a little time out of the studio to pursue some woodworking projects, hopefully that will help clear my head. enough of that garbage for now. moving on.

embarrassing headphone shot. this bowl i'm wadding was 23" and took some kiln stacking genius to get the 24" shelves over it in a stable fashion. i put shells on the bottom and stacked it on top of that platter thats sitting in the kiln, they had the same size footring so i'm hoping there won't be any issues with that.

loading kilns isn't very glamorous. especially when you've been having too many sodas and donuts lately. ouch.

i'm not that fond of texas(which probably means i'll be here forever) but do i have the right to complain when we can sit on our front porch and see this? my wifes the photographer.

i'm going to be pretty busy this week. the schedule looks like this:

monday: finish gathering/chopping firewood
tuesday: teach classes, glaze porcelain pots and start loading redux. kiln
wednesday: fire wood kiln
thursday: teach classes, fire redux. kiln
friday: unload wood kiln/load wood kiln
saturday: fire wood kiln
sunday: pass out.

now that i've mapped it out something is bound to go wrong so i've left 5 extra days(3 potential firing days) before the houston show, i'm thinking ahead this time. if i get it all done this week, so much the better. these will be the last firings for my wood kiln, i'll be rebuilding a larger version sometime this fall/winter. it is just too small for the effort but it is what i could afford at the time. it has been a great learning tool with the small loads and quick turn around, but now i feel i'm ready to commit to something larger. i have another project that needs attention but i don't want to speak of it yet so as not to jinx it. it has something to do with our homesale in nov. or dec.(suppose i should settle on a date), i'll leave it at that.

so long!


Deb said...

From what I have read, firing in the rain often helps to create dramatic results. It might be something to try someday.

Judy Shreve said...

Brandon - I agree with your comments on processing/learning work. I usually attend workshops only every few years - this past year was full of learning. It then takes me a couple of years to process all the new info and make what I've learned my own. You seem so busy - that I'm sure you don't have long uninterrupted time in your studio to work through some of that.
I also think one's firing choice dictates form - wood firers seem to make certain forms; soda firers other forms . . .etc.
Your work looks great & hope this is a good firing for you. (Look now I'm rambling!)

Ron said...

Hey man, good to see you're loading the kiln. I totally can relate to that whole thing about emulating those whose work you love. I just told Sarah yesterday that I feel like I'm a better student of things than I am an innovator. I guess with effort and awareness we can move out of that place and on to our own voice. (still I think I'll always have undertones of my influences, which is okay I guess).

I can also relate to the donut comment. I put on some jeans over the weekend and couldn't get them buttoned. Holy Crap I gotta do better man!

Good luck with your week. Catch ya later,

Kent Harris said...

Load it up! I know what you mean....indigestion sucks, but that is part of it and if someone claims not to get it their lying! Oh, and if you forgot, your pots rock it, like Iron Maiden style. Run to the Hills!!!!!!!

brandon phillips said...

rain helps facilitate reduction, which i don't want in my wood kiln, i shoot for neutral. my barn also leaks like a sieve and its all a dirt floor which means lots of mud and humidity! woodfiring is uncomfortable enough! i'm jealous of your peter pugger, my "brandon mixer/wedger/reclaimer" is going to have to hold me over awhile longer.

potrron said...

Found your blog through another blogger, really enjoyed looking at your work, haven't caught up with the reading, excellent pieces. Look forward to seeing more and reading. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I have been reading the blog for a couple of months and lusting after the pots. Your doing some nice work, and congratulations on the wedding. I'll be looking for you to do some shows here in Fort Worth. I want some of those woodfired pots.
Lucas McCain.