Friday, October 10, 2008

lots and lots of pots.

here are some shots from the latest wood firing and farther down are some of the porcelain work i've fired at the university.

i mixed up a new batch of the black trailing glaze and made a mistake somewhere because it turned out gray, which i actually really like. it also breaks to white on the edges which gives it a nice halo effect.

large vase, finger wipes. this technique has promise.

sorry its blurry.

small vases.

bakers, i thought these turned out pretty sweet.

inside of the bakers. i have a couple different patterns i use along with this one.

cereal bowls.

new yunomi. i placed one on every corner on the bottom stack, so you can see the variation i get within a 2' x 2' area.

porcelain pots! my intent with these was to try and really capture the surface gesture. i really love the look of freshly slipped stoneware pots so i thought it might be interesting to try to capture the essence of that surface with clear glazed porcelain. this idea was moderately successful, but i like the pots all the same.

dessert plates, there are dinner plates that match these as well.

teapots, this is a new-ish shape for me. i've never done this type of lid on teapots before, i put a little flange on the inside that keeps them from falling off when pouring.


i lost about a dozen mugs, a dozen cereal bowls, a few yunomi and a couple cap jars to this nasty crawling(or philbeck's disease as i like to call it, just kidding ron). strange thing is that it happened only on vertical surfaces. it's easy to blame the glaze in a situation like this but all the tests i did were fine so i think there may be some user error here(dirty pots). i think i can touch these up and refire them but i may just sell them as seconds as some really aren't that bad. this one was one of the worst but i brought it home to try it out and i've really taken a liking to it. overall it was certainly better than my first wood firing. there may be some potential here.


Nate Willever said...

Brandon- The porcelain pieces look great!

and i need to buy a yunomi off you.

Tracey Broome said...

Man, Brandon:
I always look forward to your posts after firing your kiln, but this is one of the best yet. I love your yunomi form. Every time I make a bunch of stuff I think about all the yunomi you made for your wedding, and then I stop whining.I don't even like porcelain because the forms are usually so tight, but the gesture in your pots gives them something special. The green is also really nice. Well done!

Deb said...

Nice firing-and good info about you kiln post. I was thinking about all your crawled pots. Reminds me a little of a shino. I wonder what would happen if you rubbed some stains or oxideds into the crawling, and refired them? Not in an attempt to fix the crawling, but to highlight it?

potterboy said...

Toptastic pots. I do like that platter with the glaze pours, and the finger wiped pots - such a simple but effective pattern - and some nice brush work too.

brandon phillips said...

nate- drop me an email.

ne said...

Hi, my first comment here, but been checking you out for about a month, I just wanted to comment on the "bad" glaze because where I live it's considered a design feature, and actually I just saw a new line of table ware that has nearly the same glaze at a popular home store. One man's trash...