Monday, September 1, 2008

firing # 7 done.

i finished up the firing in the wood kiln this afternoon at about 3:30. i had a heck of a time getting temp gain in this one. it kept stalling every 100 degrees or so. about half of my firewood was still wet and wouldn't give me good temp gain so i had to break the 1st rule of woodfiring: cutting, chopping and sorting wood while firing. luckily i had a big pile of firewood that i just picked up that was dry and it got the job done, but what a workout!

i knocked the firing out in about 8 hours, all the pieces were bisqued so i was able to take it up much faster. why so fast? this may be heresy to some of you but i actually don't like much ash on my pieces. i really enjoy the woodfiring process but i fire with wood mostly for economics(its free.) but of course i get great effects that can be had no other way.

i'm loading and firing the gas kiln in the morning, maybe i'll get to rest on wednesday.

i'll unload wednesday and get some photos up.



klineola said...

Wow, you're a firing machine! I think you're perfectly legit not wanting too much ash on the pots. I think firing with wood is the way to go, especially with energy costs. Granted there is a cost in processing the wood and storing it, not to mention getting it to the kiln. I have recently heard of someone designing a kiln to specifically burn pallets, whole. Don't ask me how, but sounds great. I sometimes wonder what people 'plan' on doing with their pallet collections as I drive down the highway.

doug Fitch said...

Hope it's a good 'un. Funny, I look at pallets in terms of degrees of temperature

brandon phillips said...

i'm rebuilding my kiln in october? to increase the size and am thinking about how to build it to best utilize pallets for fuel.