Saturday, August 30, 2008

crunch time indeed.

sorry i've been a poor blogger lately, there has just been so much going on. i have all my pots for the wood kiln ready to go, i'll load them in the morning, finish chopping firewood and fire in the evening...if the rain holds off. i was going to have all that finished today but the rain came pourin down this afternoon. i have a bisque going right now that will be unloaded monday and glazed along with the rest of the pieces at the university and placed in the reduction kiln and fired tuesday. sometime in there i'll do a little teaching.

i'll try and get some photos at some point in time this week.

quote for the day: "work these hands to bleed, 'cause i've got mouths to feed"-ryan adams.



klineola said...

Brandon, You are a busy MO-FO! I love Ryan Adams, but can't place the quote. I'll be firing on Monday, too. Have a good one.

Nate Willever said...

Im new in the pottery blog scene

lets keep in touch