Friday, August 8, 2008

yesterdays work

here are the pieces that i finished up yesterday, hopefully i'll get them slipped/glazed this evening. it seems to take forever when it comes to lidded pieces for me. thats probably six hours work in finishing these pieces; lid tweaking, trimming, attaching handles, etc.

these are some small vases i made with the briscoe-via-philbeck board squish technique.

cap-jar foot detail.

i love the surface on this jar. the hakeme is the old 80/20 flashing slip and on the rim & lid was a tile6 slip, should've looked quite different from eachother, but i like it all the same.

i spent today up at the university. i loaded a bisque kiln with a bunch of platters and large vases. i'm trying to reduce these small feet cracks i'm getting with my platters and i think bisquing will help eliminate the problem. i also spent a few hours inventorying and making a list of the materials needed for the coming year, that was a lot of work.


Deb said...

Six hours doesn't seem like much to me. That's a lot of work as far I think. Man you have some control. You've got those pieces really uniform. Nice work.

Ron said...

Nice handles on all that work and I like the feet on the sq. vases. All top end as usual. I'm enjoying having my breakfast in the WM bowl. (did you get my email last week saying I got it?)

brandon phillips said...

yeah, i'm bad about immediately resopnding, i'm glad you're enjoying it.

thanks for the kind words.

ang design said...

nnice work I do like a bit of faceting and your feet..

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Productive! Is that a little stamp on the foot of the cap-jar? (top right in the picture).

Sister Creek Potter said...

Very nice work. I like the way you cut the foot on the 'cap-jar'. Your production skills are incredible--the made-alike pieces. If I could do one I'd be happy--to repeat the feat is beyond imagining!

brandon phillips said...

thats my stamp on the bottom of the pot, backwards B and P joined together(my initials.)

my trick to "production" work is to just take one aspect of the pot and make that all the same. it helps to keep the pots from getting overworked and allows for some variation. on these for example the only common thing about them is that they all have the same size lid openings. this sort of naturally forces them to be similar without having to stress over the form. bowls & mugs i only worry about the rim width being the same, etc.

i hope that helps if that makes any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the feet on the cup-jar are pretty hot!