Wednesday, August 6, 2008

good firing.

my camera died after these three photos, so i'll go out later and take some more. this was a superb firing. i lost a few pieces but that always seems to be the case with this kiln. the door side always leans towards the oxidation side of neutral, i'm guessing because of the stoking door being opened and closed, the bottom door side also fires cooler than the rest i'm assuming from the same issue. i've learned to use it to my advantage a bit.

this looks a little more washed out than it is, most of these pots on the door front are soft yellows, very nice.

ripoff? over did the glaze trailing a bit.

two of my larger jugs did this. i think this is an expansion issue from the raw glazing.

i'll post some more later.


Kent Harris said...

The firing looks great dude....That platter is awesome, ripoff,,not a chance. By the way I want some pots for my shop so when you have some let me know.....


jbf said...

Congratulations on a great firing. I agree, the platter looks fine.