Wednesday, August 27, 2008

goody goody!

i just recieved my huge clay order today, enough for the better part of the year. i'll try and get some mixed up this week and get potting again soon. i'm transporting bunches of pots home today to get loaded in the wood kiln. i'm going to fire soon, i'll not say when because when i do it never happens. i'll try and have something a little more exciting later.



Deb said...

I'm trying to decide right now how much clay I will need to get me through the winter. I've never worked full time in my studio before recently and usually bought pre-made clay. I was thinking maybe 3500-5000 lbs. but it's complete guess. If I undershoot I'm screwed. I guess I should probably play it safe and go large. Do you have to make enough to get through the winter, or can you make it year round where you are?

brandon phillips said...

yeah, its usually better to play it safe. 5000 lbs is a lot of clay though. that would be 200 bags of clay pre-mixed. remember that water is 30% of the clay weight so if you're ordering dry materials 3000lbs will make almost 4000 wet pounds. get more than you think you'll need, its not like it goes bad. i'll try to have enough mixed up for the winter but in case i run out i'll just mix it inside. good luck!

Kent Harris said...

All day today "Run to the Hills" was stuck in my head......thanks.
Man you took the shaft on the mulcoa....just let me know when you need it and i'll grab a bunch....that stuff is dominates...and kills other grogs.