Monday, August 25, 2008

perfect timing.

if medical issues gross you out read no further. this evening i lost a fingernail, it didn't hurt one bit though. it got smashed in a dogs mouth awhile back and i've known it was gonna happen and i've just been waiting. its all healed over but it is very sensitive. coincidentally i used the last of my clay this morning which is perfect timing as i can't have my hands in wet clay for a couple of weeks now. plenty of glazing and firing to do though. classes start tomorrow, i figure i can do some hand building demos with no problem.

sorry this was a lame post, gotta run.


klineola said...

OUch! Will it come back?? I lost a finger on a table saw a few years back and I can attest to the importance of finger nails. Good luck.

Deb said...

I was welding once and with amazing stupidity aimed the blowtorch into my glove, causing a pretty good burn and had to throw for two or three weeks with a rubber glove on. It was not fun. But I still had my fingernails!

brandon phillips said...

yeah it's already growing back. i have just have to be careful because there's a good chance of infection for the next couple weeks. the tablesaw has a much higher ouch factor! mine didn't hurt at all when it came off.