Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm home.

we had a great show this weekend in midland, tx. i'd never been to midland(about 2 hours west of abilene) before and must say that it is sort of a lateral move from where we are. the show was slow but we had good sales, met many new people and sent many good pots to new homes. i'll be getting back to work tomorrow, i mixed up a few hundred pounds of clay on thursday and i'll be mixing up a bit of porcelain tomorrow. whats that? porcelain? yeah, i dabble in porcelain from time to time and i've had all these ideas stored up and i want to see them through, it'll be a nice change of pace.

before i forget, i was tagged by ron so here are six random things about myself.
1. if i weren't a potter i'd be a woodworker, no question. i hobby in woodworking and absolutely love it but have little time for it.
2. i own all seven seasons of the gilmore girls, love that show.
3. i love puppies. dogs flock to me like children to jesus, i don't know why but i'm ok with it.
4. i live for mountain dew.
5. i've never worn a suit in my entire life (jeans for the wedding).
6. i proposed to my wife via text message.

everyone that i would tag has already been tagged so this one will have to die here.

good night all.

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Ron said...

Glad you had a decent show. Look forward to seeing that white clay.