Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello all. I'm seriously lacking for content so you'll have to bear with me. I've been making a few pots here and there lately but it seems I never have time to make more than a couple. I usually like to do a whole run of a certain shape but lately when something pops into my head, I'll only have enough time to make one or two.

Fluted bottle/vase. I really enjoy making these and I think I'd like to make some more.

12# Fluted bowl, about 12-13" wide.

Slab dish with slip deco. I'm really excited about this one. That is tile6 slip and bare clay so the contrast after firing won't be too great but it was a spur of the moment idea and I'm glad I went with it.

12# & 6# jugs. I think I've finally started to find "my" jug/pitcher shape. I've struggled with pitchers the last couple years to try and find a shape that works with my glazing/slipping/deco. and is still mine. I have a nice round shape already but I've been playing with this adaptation of the medieval jug shape.

I've also been making fat handles on everything. Every cycle they seem to get a little fatter. I think I've taken it to the point where I need to bring it back down a little.

This is the sawdust tray under the table saw in the univ. wood shop. This is all from me and I've already emptied it once. Wish they had a dust collection system but no budget for that yet. Speaking of budgets though I had a budget approved to build a new gas kiln next year with all new materials(I'll finally be getting those kiln shelves I need.) I'll be teaching a semester long kiln building class(which means I'll be getting paid to build it, woo!) We'll be building a gas kiln, a salt kiln from the leftovers and brick lying around and a new raku kiln. I've built nine kilns to date so I'm not nervous about it, it'll be fun.

We decided to go with the floating shelves afterall. I've made 38 of them which was all we thought we needed but I think we're going to need a few more. These pieces of MDF are the top and bottom of the shelf and wrap around a 2x2 frame. They have mitered edges so there are no joints showing(5 pieces for each shelf), it's actually a lot easier than you might think but still a fair amount of work. I enjoy time in the woodshop but I'd hardly call MDF woodworking. The tally is 23 pedestals, 38 shelves all out of 20 sheets of MDF. I think I've had enough! I'm ready to have some free time to work in the garden and be out in the sun.
So long for now!


Joe and Christy said...

I thought you said you were lacking for content! Seems like you've got a lot going on. I like the fluted vase.

Ron said...

I like that jug shape. Looks great. I hope you'll put up a shot of those floating shelves as you put them together and hang them.
Congrats on getting the $ to build the kiln. That will be awesome experience for the students.

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy... i totally dig the 12# fluted bowl... it's pretty wide, is it up on a 2" foot or is that the camera's lens doing that?

Paul Jessop said...

and here I was thinking you were making musical instruments

ang design said...

paul cut it're causing breaky to be splattered everywhere! hey brandon, lovely bit of fluting i do like it but never tried it, be great to see them glazed..nice bit of shelvage too.. amazing what you can do with the right tools..

Amy said...

wow, how wonderful that you'll be building yet another kiln. that is on my list of things to learn how to do someday in the pottery world.

brandon phillips said...

jim- the foot's about 3/4" high. the bottom of the bowl has a bit of a curve to it, doesn't show in the photo.