Tuesday, April 14, 2009

stayin alive.

I've just been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award...twice! Thank you Potterchik(?) and Joy. It's nice to know people out there enjoy my blither...let alone read it. I really wish I had a broader blog-reading interest than just pottery but I'm kind of lame like that.

My five choices:
Ron Philbeck-Ron's blog was the first that I ever came across, back when he posted it on his website, pre-blogger. My inspiration to become a blogger.
Joe Bennion-My second inspiration to be a blogger. Joe makes wonderful pots and I love how his work intertwines with his home and family.
Scott Cooper-Scott strikes me as a thoughtfully meticulous person and his blog portrays that. His posts are clearly thought out(perhaps even drafted?), often times border on being philosophical and are always enjoyable to read.
Joy Tanner-Joy strikes me as a very down to earth person and always has striking images in her posts. Clearly a joyful(haha) person and always a pleasant read.
Joe & Christy Cole-I must say I'm not terribly familiar with Joe and Christy but I do feel a certain kinship. Maybe because we're both struggling, roughing-it woodfirers.

I finished building pedestals today, woo hoo! Now it's on to shelving...
I have a firing scheduled for May 1st and I don't have near enough pots. There are going to be several long nights these next couple weeks. I've been spending way more time in the woodshop than the studio lately but I think if I can split it evenly I can get the pots done. This is the first time in my life that I've had a large surplus of pots. I don't necessarily have to fire but I really want to have the best pots and the most options for my show in may. My current struggle is with what to make. I keep a making list but it's more than filled so now I sort of have potter's block. I want to try some new things but the creative juices just aren't flowing. Eh. It'll all work itself out.

So long for now.


Joe and Christy said...

Thanks Brandon,
We're flattered. Christy and I have talked before about how funny the blogging world is. How you can feel a kinship towards people with out ever meeting them in person. I don't imagine it will ever happen, but if you do ever talk your wife into moving back to (or visiting) the midwest, we could be struggling, roughing-it woodfired potters who fire together.
Good luck with all the prep work for your upcoming show, the poster for your show looked great.

Ron said...

Thanks man! I still have to pick my five and get them up. Maybe tomorrow. Good luck getting the creative juices flowing. I keep meaning to tell you I think that's a great photo of you holding that large platter with the ladle pours.

Anonymous said...

i got some stuff i can stick in there


Amy said...

Your yunomis are my favorites. I really like the lines in your pots. Simple and striking forms. It's been great to read your blog and learn.