Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today was a teapot day. I assembled a few that I threw yesterday and shot a little video of assembling one. I also broke 2 teapots today while cleaning them for bisquing. I was scraping out excess slip and whacked the spout on one and dropped the lid on another. What a day.

Here are a couple videos of teapot stuff. The first is making the lid and spout and the second is assembling the piece. Enjoy.


cindy shake said...

...maybe the lid from the broken spout could go on the teapot that had it's lid dropped?! I love teapots :o) thanks for the video posts.

Anonymous said...

cool videos... fun to watch other potters

Peter said...

Hi Brandon,

Thank you taking the time to share your knowledge with the videos. I've had to learn most of my potting from books and by just doing it, so it is a real treat to see someone demonstrating the process, and I guess there are others out there who will find the videos helpful too. Congratulations on your blog site, and your lovely pots. Peter.

ladyofclay said...

thanks for putting up the videos. all the parts go so well together to make a make it look easy... and I know it's not ! Good commentary along with it as well. are there any kind of points to keep in mind for porportion while throwing and assembling? it looks as tho the spout is about as long as your maximum reach of your inside finger when throwing it. How much clay ( lbs ) do you start with for the body ?

brandon phillips said...

colleen- the body is 2#'s. as far as aesthetics go....i guess it's just experience and maybe getting some good critiques. my teapots sort of follow the function before form idea. i take care of what works and then try to make it look good. narrow spouts generally look better and work better than very wide spouts. they seem to pour a little better if the end curves in a bit. i try not to make the spouts too much bigger for bigger teapots, maybe just a tad longer. afterall it doesn't need to pour more liquid at once just because it's bigger, right?