Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what am i doing to myself?

I'm sitting here in my office at the school enjoying a couple of burritos for brekafast. The advantage to living in Texas is that there is a mom&pop mexican or bbq place just around every corner. La Popular is a personal favorite, cheap and tasty!

I've been in a bit of a funk since we came back from Houston. Normally after a good show I'm pretty pumped up to get into the studio and get making for the next firing. This time I can't muster the energy to do anything. My wife pointed out to me a couple weeks ago that I haven't taken a day off since I had oral sugery back in january. So I suppose I could be a little burned out. I tend to over-committ myself and push myself a little too hard-which isn't always a bad thing but I suppose it is when it's non-stop. I've lessened the show schedule for this spring, we've dropped both the Denton Art & Jazz Festival and the Lubbock Arts Festival, but I still seem to be working overtime all the time. I have a gallery show that opens the first week in May that will require about a 100 pieces, which normally wouldn't be a problem. The show is a dual show with my friend Kent and we've invited several potters who have influenced our work to show with us. So now I'm stressing because of course I never feel that the work is good enough to show with some of these other folks and I've committed myself to another firing at the end of the month in hopes of getting some better work. Am I being sillly? Of course I am. I need to make myself vacate from the potting from time to time and the chill the heck out.
Sorry you had to listen to all that.

Today we're starting big(20"+) pots in my advanced class. Nothing but dainty girls in that class so it should prove to be interesting.



Tracey Broome said...

Sounds like you are coming down from a big old show high. Is it March madness or what? Gerry is on the same kind of work schedule right now and he is showing signs of burning out from it soon. Maybe a mini v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n. is in order. Obviously there is no need to question your pottery making talent, your work is great, but no harm in challenging yourself and continuing to grow as an artist. I got a big lecture today on how hard I am on myself regarding my work(that I hardly ever like), I guess we are all like that. I wonder if there are artists out there that create something and find nothing wrong with it? doubt it......Feel better, I think burritos can solve all, so maybe have another(with a Corona maybe)

Kent Harris said...

Better bring the "A" game in May.....haha ....chill it out you'll be better for it.

Amy said...

Thanks for your blog and posts. I'm new to all this and a student at Clayworks in Charlotte. I really like the forms of your work, especially the yunomis. I think most of us wrestle with balance no matter what our work is. Peace-

Unknown said...

Wait, wait, wait, you're not coming to the Denton A&J Festival this year?? boyfriend and I really have been looking forward to perusing your goods again since last year's DAJF! I recently gave the two yunomis of yours I'd purchased to a friend for her wedding - how am I ever to replace my goods? Etsy be darned!