Wednesday, June 3, 2009

no fly pots. clay is still not ready, it's been really humid lately. I'm thinking about making a batch in the mixer just so I can get some pots made!!! This has given me plenty of time to work on my treadle wheel though. The frame is completely finished and well, finished...with tung oil, or that stuff that Lowes passes off as tung oil. I started working on the flywheel today. I'm not exactly sure what the weight should be, I've heard conflicting answers to that query. Mine will be made from pine, I don't have any nice lumber around nor can I afford to purchase any right now. Summer is the slow season in Texas, very few shows and very little teaching pay.

These are made from 2x10's, southern yellow pine. There are two of them that will be laminated on top of eachother to make a solid 3" thick disc that is 28" wide. I made a circle cutting jig for my router, hopefully that will work. I have no interest in cutting this circle by eye.

In other news my birthday present from my wife arrived today. I've wanted a jointer for a loooong time so that I could surface my own wood and so that I wouldn't be stuck with what's available pre-surfaced(and overpriced) at Lowes or Home Depot. For those of you that don't know woodworking is a passion of mine, second only to pots. I'm not a pro by any means, maybe only a notch or 2 above novice but I enjoy it all the same. I think my wife got me this so that we can finally have some furniture that we need around the house. I'm real big on buying quality and it's rare to be able to afford quality woodworking like end tables, coffee tables, bed frames, etc. Well anyways, it'll be nice to have another tool around that can potentially rip my fingers off.

Hopefully some pots soon?

See ya.

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Anonymous said...

too bad you live way down in abilene... i've got wood to get rid of, particularly some big heart pine that i rescued from a distillery in town that the were demolishing, it's beautiful with pockets of hardened sap.