Friday, June 26, 2009

useful tip.

If you're driving with buckets of glaze in the back of your truck, do make sure the lids are on securely.

I unfortunately am not going to be able to fire the wood kiln this coming week. I have too much on my plate this week to adequately prep for it. I also was having a rough time finding wood. I had a couple sources suggested to me that didn't pan out. I have a couple builders that keep me in lumber but they're not building right now. I did find a couple of sites that would give me wood but not for a couple weeks yet. So I will fire a batch of pots in the gas kiln, not my favorite but it has to be done. I have plenty of pots for my show in Rockport but there are a few specific items that I need that will be going in the kiln. Gotta get back to my glazing.

Last call...Deep Roots...Brandon Phillips...Kent Harris...Elmer Taylor...Megan Easley...Willem Gebben...Jeff Oestreich...Scott Roberts...Jan McKeachie-Johnston...Randy Johnston...Linda Chrsitianson

Pots will ship out the week after July 4th.



Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

That is a very useful tip!!

Hope the gas firing goes well.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Total bummer on the glaze spill.

Anonymous said...

looks like you stopped fast