Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pick of the litter.

I fired off the gas kiln today...it was raining most of the day so it went pretty smooth. I can't remember the physics behind it but reduction kilns always seem to fire better in the rain(no, really...it's been proven.)

Glazing pots for that kiln is so much different, I usually leave a little bare clay to flash, but in this case I glazed most of them right down to the base. Even with that I was concerned about the look of the bare clay so I stacked with the shelves from my wood kiln and sprinkled salt on the shelves and wadded the pots, just to get a little bit of color/flash on the bottom. The kiln is scheduled to come down in a few months so I figured this wouldn't hurt it too bad.

Even though I had legitimate reasons for not firing my wood kiln I sort of feel like I'm half-assing it by firing in the gas kiln. I know the glazes will all melt and I'll have a whole bunch of well-fired pots...but none of them will be as spectacular as the guy pictured below...to me. Others may prefer the gas fired to the wood fired which is okay.

Gosh...I think about this stuff way too much. I should go make more pots and stop whining. Unload on thursday.


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beautiful teapot