Wednesday, June 17, 2009

same old, same old.

I can finally post pictures again! I don't have too much to say...but here are the pots I have been working on the past week.

This is todays production...or more accurately, this evenings 3 hours of production. Most of the day was spent trimming, assembling and slipping other pieces. I've estimated that on average the time spent on the wheel for making new pots is about 15-20% of the actual hands-on time before it goes in the bisque kiln. Clearly things like trimming(aka-"turning" or "cutting feet" depending on your locale)handling(aka-"pulling handles"), assembling, and slipping take up the majority of the time.

Large shallow bowls, some new ideas mixed in with the old.

New casserole shape...I prefer the right and left shape over the one in the middle. I was trying to make a shape that could be lifted out of the oven without needing lugs(aka-"handles") on the side. It isn't clearly visible but the rim of the base sticks out nearly as far as the lid, further aiding the ease of lifting out of the my mind I saw this as a solution to keep hands from sliding up and pushing off the lid while carrying it...if that makes any sense whatsoever.


Treadle wheel. The woodworking part is completely finished(minus the seat and treadle arm), I now have to tackle the metalworking which I should easily be able to do in an afternoon. Though that afternoon may not come until after the fourth of July weekend. I'm ready to have this guy finished so I can go back to working in my studio instead of out in the classroom. The wheel I am currently using is one of the student wheels(though in true college fashion I lay claim to the wheel by leaving my mess on it) and though I really like using it, it wouldn't be fair to move it to my studio. Currently my studio is storing my clay racks and other misc. stuff that should really be elsewhere. Hence my work pouring out all over the classroom...thank goodness it's summer and I only have 8 students that have to put up with that! Hopefully I'll be re-situated before the fall semester begins.

Firing in 12 days....I suppose I'd better go find some wood.



Unknown said...

Looking good! There's nothing like seeing racks full of ware. It Always makes me smile and want to make more.

littlelloyd said...

The treadle wheel is looking great! Pretty inspiring to see it through the process.

Anonymous said...

lots of work... it's refreshing to read that throwing is only 15 - 20 % of the work before bisque. i thought it was only me. of course sometimes i'm not sure it's 15%. treadle wheel's lookin' good

Scott Baker said...

The wheel looks awesome. Too bad you don't live around here. Tornados left tree limbs down everywhere, I'm sure people would love for you to take them off of their hands for firing.

Kent Harris said...

Love the new casserole form, it's strong.

Heather said...

Just spotted this offer for wood on freecycle:

Thought you might be interested!