Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lots o' lids.

I've made the last of the pots for this cycle. I decided to spend some time with lidded pieces, I don't do lots of those and I was able to try some new things.

Sugar jars. I normally don't make pots like this all the same but I made these as a demo for my ceramics 2 students, their next project is repeating a form so I showed them my methods and some tricks.

Trimmed and knobbed.

Square-ish jars. I was really concerned with these while working on them but I think they turned out ok, not fantastic, but ok.

Lidded dishes.

6# jars...with lids.

No more clay, bummer. I have 1200#s in the drying racks but it's been raining non-stop here so I imagine it'll be a few weeks before it's ready. Time to start chopping wood.



Ron said...

Looks good Brandon. We've got to get some more of your pots. Sort of skint right now, maybe soon though. Everything looks amazing.

ang design said...

love the lidded forms, soo tidy..! yeh love to get some one day after ive recovered from my big trip...!

FetishGhost said...

I love the lids on the jars third down... fantastic!

cindy shake said...

I think the square-ish jars have great form, their tight knob is great. I especially like the placement of your chop mark. Very nice touch and will look cool when the glaze holds to it.