Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lids & Knobs

I spent the day in the studio footing pots and dealing with lots of lids. I've gotten a lot done so it was a day well spent. I don't have much to say so I'll share some photos.

Some lobed soup bowls. These will get the non-crackling crackle slip and an ash glaze.


Cap jars.

Cut foot and un-cut foot. The one on the right will get an ash glaze so I've left a lip around the foot to catch the glaze. I liked the look of it without cutting it like the one of the left so I've left it.

These casseroles are a variation on some that I've made in the past. I put handles on 2 of them and I am unsure about them. These dishes have a flared shape that sort of makes the handles unnecessary anyway so I've left them off the other 2. Feel free to share your opinions.

Knob detail, I like big knobs. That probably means something different outside the states. Ever try to grab a dinky knob with an oven mitt on?

Footed casserole dishes.

Small lidded dishes.

I busted out the window stamp, I haven't used it in a couple years. Meh.

Slipped yunomi.



Tracey Broome said...

I like the casseroles with and without the handles, no help I guess, but they look great both ways to me. I really like that form a lot. The ones with handles have some attitude the ones without are sitting quietly.
I might have to have one of those for Christmas!

Hollis Engley said...

I agree with Tracey, Brandon. Both ways look good. I guess if I was making them, I'd go with the handles to give the cook something more secure to hold as he/she pulls it out of the oven. Really nice pots.

MattyT said...

I like the handles on the cassoroles, The lids look a little tall for me though. Nice pots though.

Lori Buff said...

I think the casseroles with the handles look more finished, the large nobs will be attractive to the cook.

Collin said...

I don't usuually like "lidded boxes" that much, but those lidded bowls with the cut feet are really nice. You cut that foot better than I've seen anyone do it.