Thursday, June 12, 2008

well, the worlds still here.

in some non-pottery related news, our neighbor yisrayl hawkins predicted the ending of the world today. jokes on him i suppose, well i guess the days not over yet.

the house of yahweh is a religious sect(or cult) that has a massive compound about 15 miles out of town with hundreds of members. they also own about 20 acres next door to us where they have their printing facilities and dozens of trailers stocked with who knows what. there are just a few who live on this property, they keep to themselves and don't bother us. you can read an abc story about his prediction here.

here is a photo of their property, the fences are our property line. as you can see they've been nice enough to place some of their pretty trailers right along the fence line. as a religious organization they don't have to abide by many of the building codes in the city(like placing trailers right on the property line.) maybe its time to invest in a tall wooden fence.
they've been in a heap of legal trouble lately(bigamy, pedophelia, typical cult behaviors) and we've been hoping that maybe they would be disbanded, but we'll see.
well, i'm off to finish pots.


Anonymous said...

I heard about the prediction. I meant to have you sign me up yesterday, but I forgot. Good thing he was wrong. Again

brandon phillips said...

ha! there's still 4 hours left, that is if he predicted the worlds demise in central standard time.

Tracey Broome said...

Glad to hear the world didn't end! I was in NY all week and figured maybe it had, considering the many strange folks we encountered!
Getting back to your ring question, here's one no one mentioned. I celebrated my 23rd anniversary the weekend you got married, our wedding rings stopped fitting us about 10 years ago so we don't wear them. I tried wearing mine on a chain around my neck and Gerry wears a sharks tooth he bought on our honeymoon on St. John, so I guess that sort of counts. I loved the black and white photo. Being married to a photographer, I am kinda partial to B & W.

Kent Harris said...

Only in West Texas.