Tuesday, July 22, 2008


sorry i haven't been posting much, my wife has all the pitures from minnesota/wisconsin and in true photographer form won't let me post them until she goes through them. i just mixed up about 600#s of clay here and i have about 400#s at the university. i have two big shows in september and october and very few pots so i need to get to it. the clay i mixed up at the school is different than my woodfire body, its better suited to reduction firing. i have some ideas for dinnerware and such things from that kiln so i'll be splitting my studio time between both places. sounds a little hectic, but i know lots of people have done it. i've had enough pots for a firing sitting around here for a month so i'm shooting for a firing on thursday. i figure there's a 50/50 chance of that happening, but i need to clear out the space for more work. so i apologize if you don't hear much from me until this weekend.


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jbf said...

Good luck with your schedule. Make some pots, I'm still looking at those pictures of your greenware teapots for inspiration.